Monday, October 11, 2010

Update on the "Sheriffs" ? visit..the "culling of intell" continue where I left off about the "Sheriffs"? visit early (aprx 2 am Oct.10th) . I did some follow up inquiries into this "ruse" to do "recon" on me and my house...I was told that they probably weren't sheriff's but,possibly "Army" intelligence (?) dressed as sheriffs , ironically , I just got done reading an article about baby "Cheyenne" who was taken from her mother and father within a couple of days of being born , as far as the "case" against them , I don't know the whole story but the part that disturbs me is on the affidavit for cause was cited "that he purchased several weapons ( a rifle , handgun and a taser ) and was affiliated with a "militia" called Oath Keepers .(for further reference read about them on my Facebook page (Karl Von Schmidt) . If you notice or haven't ,we're having a sheriffs election (there's been a media 'Blackout" on this race) and I took them to task while "they" were here and said I had a friend running for sheriff and told them it was Don Fitzgerald , "they" claimed "they" never heard of him , that's 'bullshit" , if your about to get a new boss , your gonna find out everything you can about him with ALL THE TOOLS at your disposal ...(law enforcement records, etc.). Now earlier that night (10/9/10) while Don Fitzgerald was at work , with witnesses , two (2) lasers were shined on his "heart" ! ..apparently since he wasn't "assassinated" , it was a "message" . Don has been endorsed by Sheriff Mack , an Oath Keeper and by the way , Oath Keepers are NOT a "militia" group if that's what you want to call citizens and veterans that are going to protect your Constitutional Rights with their lives if necessary , even if "Marshall Law" is declared ( which I heard something serious is supposed to happen on 11/10/11 ) on another topic , Daniel Cobble , the "Man" who tarred the Gene Snyder Courthouse , is due to be released sometime before December 2010 , I was "informed" that a letter was sent to a preacher to tell Daniel to drop his claims and shut up or there would be a "hit" taken out on him , because he is about to cause the removal of some federal judges and that "just ain't sittin' to well with Simpson and Heyburn at the federal courthouse . Now Daniel is no uneducated "Ebony" American , he was shipped to Texas for a "Psych" examine and his IQ measured by their standards at 118 .  He served in the Navy in the "Desert Storm" war the 1st time around  , pre 9/11 .Now I don't have a lot of friends because frankly I don't trust anybody that don't believe that this "Shadow Gov't" can act and do the things they ARE doing and getting away with . If me , Dan , Don and anybody we know get "gangstalked to death" (like Tommy Haynes) nobody that cares is going to be able to do anything at all about it , we'll be dead  , a "fraudulent" investigation will get the investigators another paycheck and the case will be closed and that will be IT ! This will probably be the last election for sheriffs office , because they want to make it an appointed position , so take heed voters , same thing will be coming to your county !..stay vigilant citizen patriots.. sincerely , Karl

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