Saturday, October 23, 2010

Here comes a Khazar..1 "Hit" from Russia?

Well , while checking the stats I noticed an "audience" viewer from Russia. That doesn't make me "feel good" , what a coincidence that when I check the bio on Jdg.(?) Charles Simpson , he's all over the map in Russia doing lectures , on what ? Russian law or"American" law ? I know I pissed off ALL my enemies by outing them . I was reading a "diary"(on the internet"?) of Tim Kutzberger Jr.s baby's mama @ .She goes by the nickname Armybrat87 , I highly recommend reading that so you'll get another witness account as to the person known as Timothy David Kutzberger Jr . He was in the Army by her account and I did meet her in Fairdale . Even IF I did collect on my bond claims , in which I think thats what Abramson would try to prevent , I still could not stop a hit on my life , if a "Contract" was made . I have every reason to believe it so , "they" MURDERED" Tommy Haynes in September of 2009 . It was a "CIA style" "hit' , made to look like "natural" causes , because he uncovered the Louisville Area Government Self Insurance Trust , plus , I did call Jerry Abramson a Khazar Criminal to his face at Seneca High School on October 18th 2010. A lot of people don't know about doing "bond" claims against government workers , Tommy Haynes "cracked" the "code" and was MURDERED" for it ! Go to Google and type in the whole words of the "LAGSIT" trust . That's how you get around suing the local government , it's like turning in an insurance claim , they have to acknowledge receipt of the claim in 30 days and either pay the claim or deny it . If they deny a valid claim , they expose themselves to a "BAD FAITH" cause of action which makes the claim worth $1 million upwards . It's all in the wording of the claim also , you have put in the document for the claim ..."Do to an act of local government" when one of the Lou-Evil agents read this they will want to KILL me that much more...THERE ! I got that out there , if I'm killed . At least I know that I might have helped a victim of this "Godless Government" the way to get monetary compensation for government abuse to citizen of Kentuckiana . This also applies to EVERY local ,state and federal agent of the U.S. government . I hope to be back , thank you LORD JESUS  for your Love and Sacrifice and for my family , friends and "PEOPLE"...Amen.     stay vigilant and journey well ...Karl. 

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