Sunday, October 24, 2010

Right here ,Right NOW ! ..The POWERS that Be ARE MONITORING ME !

As I reviewed my last post , I "stopped the Earth" and looked at the "RED" dots on the globe . They show up as hits or views all at the same time! No problem with that . It's the location of those "REDS" that's got me ALERT . There's one in Nashville , Frankfort , Indianapolis , Kansas/ Missouri state line , Chicago and Los Angeles . The FBI's in Indy , Tims dad is in Kansas / Missouri state line , Nashville could be the FBI or a friend of Tim's , Frankfort is Kentucky state government , The Syndicated Mafia / Mob in Chicago and Los Angeles has all kind of "secret" alphabet government "soup" . I'm not "thumbing my nose" at them , I'm just telling the truth as I know it . I owe it to MY PEOPLE , just as these "viewers" ? Do what they "do"? "Orwell".....stay vigilant..Karl

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