Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Open Letter To Sheriff John Aubrey Jefferson County , KY.

Dear Sir: #1: I've been wondering about your interest in this election . I believe the Courier Journal stated your age to be at 71 , past member US ARMY and FBI and other "SECRET" organizations. You are privileged to attain the age of retirement , when most in this late stage of Earths history , would want to retire and be with their family and do the things they want to do before the "N.W.O. but , not you , Why ? #2: Are you an Oath Keeper ? #3: If you win this election WILL you take that PLEDGE ? #4: Will you join with Oath Keepers Sheriff Mack and Sheriff Tony DeMeo , Nye County , Nevada , in their pledge to protect their Constituents against Constitutional Rights violations ? #5: Will you require your Deputy's to join Oath Keepers ? Associate membership is  just $30 to join , as I'm NOT a member of Law Enforcement but, I intend to join anyways because of the importance to me. #6: Would you DISARM American citizens if and when "Martial Law" is declared  on your watch , as they did to citizens in New Orleans  during Hurricane Katrina , Sheriff Glenn Meredith told me about that when he returned from Louisiana , as he shared a lot with me , God rest his weary soul. #7:  I notice that property taxes are being bought up by a "Mob" syndicate located on Wacker Ave. in Chicago . They are J.P. Morgan / Chase Bank , the "Mafia" that also administers the food stamp program . The same group that George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush have since the early 1900's , have a major interest in , to "disperse" the soon to be illegally foreclosed on , because they don't have the "ORIGINAL NOTES" on the mortgages they sold illegally ? #8: Why would you let your Constituents be set up for Diversity lawsuits in Federal Court because they aren't located in Kentucky , to be extorted for usury on their property taxes . #9: What is the problem between you and Republican Mike Roberts ? #10: The Courier Journal states that he was trying to get financial information from the Sheriffs office and wasn't able to obtain that information , is that true? #11: I also have heard that there is  a personal "grudge" between you two , is that true ? Because the Sheriffs office is WAY to important to be abused for personal "vendettas". There's not much information on Mike Roberts to make an informed decision on his character or goals for the office .# 12:  Do you want to stay in the office for the power it provides ? #13: If Don FitzGerald , who I endorse , is elected , will you "still" be of assistance to the Sheriffs office ? #14: Who were the Sheriffs who came to MY home at 2:38am on the morning of October 10th ,2010 under the "ruse" of an AWOL soldier named Timothy D Kutzberger Jr. and when I call the Sheriffs office with information , I was shunned . As far as Tim Kutzberger goes I'm sure he can be found either living with his mom and dad in Olathe , Kansas or they will definitely know how to find him , he's got a Facebook page and Myspace , you can't tell me you haven't looked there , if your looking HERE! The mother of his child can tell where he can be found , I do believe he really loves his kid and I'm sure he stays in touch .#15: Why is it when I call Fort Knox and Fort Leavenworth , to provide them necessary information on his whereabouts they "just didn't care" , could someone please explain that one to me ? Anyways I'm NOT that stupid , as I know ALL soldiers are now "IMPLANTED" , all the ARMY needs to do is "LOW-JACK"  Mr.KUTZBERGER Jr. , as I've read Charles Schlunds complaint and affidavit in its entirety . So did Tim Jr! Maybe thats where the problem lies , knowing he has been "USED" for a fraudulent war and now he's mentally ill from finding out the truth from me ! One of the Sheriffs , the red headed one , I now recognize as a former L.M.P.D. officer who harassed and threatened me before becoming Sheriff , PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong on that , as I would like to get to the bottom of this "voter intimidation" tactic . your cooperation would be sincerely appreciated , not responding to this inquiry will speak volumes , even if you choose to ignore me , a "CONSTITUENT" even IF I don't vote for you . Yes I do use a screen name , remember George Orwell ? Care who the Green Mountain Boys were ? Care who the REAL   KARL VON SCHMIDT was ? ...journey well ..sincerely Karl

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