Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Dear Diary.....of a MAD Man...("ANGRY for the tard's")

The GREAT thing about this "venue" is it helps the FBI and CIA and other intelligent life forms profile the"blogger". It makes it easy to establish the writers religious beliefs  (FUCK YOU KHAZAR'S) , their political beliefs (yes I'm a DISSIDENT !) , their "creed" ( TRUTH , JUSTICE and the AMERICAN way) their "color"(?) , their economic status , their associations , etc. My friend who is running for sheriff , has been having yard signs being taken , several . There's now DEFINITELY going  to be an investigation into this as it is a FEDERAL crime(although thats arguable in Fed Ct) and I suspected  it was going to happen ,  because of what IS REALLY  AT STAKE for the "POWER ELITE" such as John Aubry . As I commented awhile ago on Ed Springston's Louisville News and Politics . I said that I BELIEVE I could of got the now deceased former FOP President Sheriff Glenn Meredith to "endorse" Don FitzGerald for Jefferson County Sheriff . I also stated that the sheriffs sent to my house at 2:38 am on October 9th ,2010 , under the guise  of Tim Kutzberger being AWOL , what since January 2009 ? , No , it was a clear case of voter intimidation , same as 2 lasers being pointed at Don FitzGerald's HEART on October 7th . Now I don't know much about the 3rd person in the "race" for sheriff , other than he has a personal grudge against Aubry from what Don has told me and the Courier Journal reported . I like being alive but , I am NOT GOING TO REMAIN SILENT TO MY PEOPLE ! , "till DEATH DO WE PART" ! SO , John Aubry , are you going to have me KILLED like THEY killed WILLIAM MILTON COOPER United States Navy (Navel Intelligence Officer) . I may not fight in a subverted military to protect my peoples CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS but , for now until court . This venue is one of my "tools"for me and my peoples "defense" and other people also have MY evidence . Are you going to kill them all too ? To ALL Patriots  I may  have to send out an SOS distress signal if this shit gets to heavy , I hope after 400+ views , there's some "Citizen Soldiers" that would render support . There are now  5 branches of government and they are the executive branch , the legislative , the "judiciary" the BANKS and the "5th Estate". The only time the citizens are safe from the first 3 is when you have a "lame duck" president , the legislature is in "recess", and the court is in recess or adjournment ! The citizens are NEVER safe from a bank and to put on a badge that says news-media , is akin to impersonating an officer , your "Yellow"and treasonous ! how many of you are knowingly and unknowingly practicing the "Kol Nidre"Oath ? In the words of James Von Brunn United States Navy , "Tobe Shebbe Goyim Harog" !..stay vigilant ...Karl..

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