Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Clark Kent" on "Clark County Chatter"........

The "conspirators" will come. Wonder how many "CCC"S (where they still SHOW a "locked"? topic / post ,  that instead of "DELETING" it , they show it and my others , because it brings in "touri$t$)LoL ! (Hey Abbysnana62 !)...... will venture in and go back via the "Grapevine" and tell what they seen here, about a "confidential informant" that has been outed , that was receiving" "privileges" and if Clark County denies that he's a CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT , how you all gonna prove it , $how me his W-4$ ! What is it about Jeffersonville that creates "Devils" like Tom Galligan, Larry and Peggy Wilder, Nathan Samuel, Danny Rodden (Who I might remind is in charge of the jail and if ANYTHING HAPPENS to my stepson, I will be getting a lawyer like JEFF WENNING and sue you individually")....Mitchele Harlan(DEFINITELY A "COUNTERFEIT CHRISTIAN) .Dawn Elston & Nathan Masingo( go on  hold this post against YOUR CLIENT, YOU TRAITOR ! didn't think that "take a hit for the TEAM" comment was gonna go unforgottin' , did you ?...when Dawn gets wind of this NATHAN, and you know she will ,she's(EX?) FBI !)...and Vicki are you gonna see what abuse is going on in your "venue" ? If it's contempt , I want to know if it's 'civil' or 'criminal' on the record !....for you non-lawyers it's CLE !...wonder who'll be the 1 st to "TellTim" , remember , he's a "hack"..go on "gangstalkers" . plan "MY murder !".....bee n' a fly on the wall !....Conspiracy- ..where 2 people cause harm to a 3rd person ..Conspiracy theorist ..the witness to the conspiracy !

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