Saturday, October 16, 2010

Time to "Burn" Tim "the iou/jew" Kutzberger Jr.......

Well TIM you PSYCHOPATHIC, LYING, FUCKING, TRAITOR....CLARK COUNTY INDIANA"CONFIDENTIAL   I N F O R M A N T ". I know you fuckin' computer hack . Now I know why the FBI won't investigate your ass for "BANK ACCOUNT" hacking , because you get "PAID" , where as a "snitch" gets nothing . Your a "fuckin' "jew" passing yourself off as a "Catholic" ,you had good teachers , those "CATHOLIC" parents of yours , they are good liars too!..especially your "mom". Your "dad" a multi-millionaire hiding money in the Cayman Islands . Work for Cisco Computer and Juniper Networks , now I know where you learned how to "Insert "WORMS" into banks and any other system you target. .....THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING YOU "SON OF A BITCH AND BASTARD , I'll KILL YOU IF YOU EVER GET WITHIN STRIKING DISTANCE OF ME, YOU AND YOUR KIND ARE MY MORTAL FUCKIN' ENEMIES . I SHALLN'T PRAY FOR THINE ENEMIES THAT'S SOME OTHER CHRISTIANS JOB ! YOU AND YOUR' S ARE ...KHAZAR'S...THIEVES.....SATANIC..there'll come a time TIM!....your Time is coming ! SO ALL YOU PEOPLE THAT CLAIM TIM AS YOUR FRIEND .....ARE YOU AS HE .... TOO ? 

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  1. Karl, whats going on to have you so mad? Who is this Tim person. Is it a coincidence that the Tim that was on my blog as a follower and on my facebook is now gone? I didn't know him but should I have? Please let me know okay. thanks.